ASOS Bridal

10 March 2016

Within the past few days of ASOS announcing its bridal collection line,  It seems brands have seen the a lack in market when it comes to affordable bridal fashion.

ASOS Bridal just had its launch on the e-commerce site on Monday the 7th and It looks like there is something for everyone.

"Our designers have trawled vintage archives to find a bridal outfit for every customer type and considered the different types of weddings," she explained. "The bridal collection offers traditional dresses, but also more alternative pieces like the caped jumpsuit and separates which are perfect for the modern bride. The price points too are incredibly affordable which means you have the option of buying more than one dress and leaves more money to spend on the actual wedding or honeymoon." - Design director, Vanessa Spence.

The price point is meant to be fairly affordable for brides on a budget, a total look could cost you about £400 or less, give or take. When looking at the collection there also seems to be no cut on quality. ASOS as always gives you quality over quantity.


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