H&M's new campaign

6 October 2015

So I recently watched this H&M advert and realised there is a girl wearing a hijab featured in it. I, then looked online for anything about it, and lots came up from Buzzfeed online to every newspaper has covered it, which didn’t surprise me much. I was though very pleased to see that H&M is broadening it’s target audience or maybe also realising, they have quite a big consumer market for “Hijabi” women and girls.

Model: Mariah Idrissi, 23 year old.
Considering the fact that Islam is the 2nd largest religion, I think Hijab fashion should have been noticed time ago. It’s not new, but in an H&M advert that also features a Sikh man and a man with prosthetic legs. 
H&M is showing diversity and different cultures in the ad, not only that i also feel as if they wanted to make the headlines or get this attention. 
All in all i do really respect H&M for this, the fashion world may be slowly accepting islamic fashion.

REF: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/womens-life/11898632/HandM-advert-features-first-Muslim-model-in-a-hijab-finally.html

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