Alexa Chung's Vogue series

22 October 2015

Following Vogue on Youtube and the their website I came across a short series that was hosted by Alexa Chung. "The future of fashion with Alexa Chung", I was very intrigued to see what it's about.

It was the best thing I'd watched. The series featured an interview with Oliver Rousteing as well as insides into the fashion industry, University of Arts London, etc. The whole series felt very real and it didn't feel like i was watching it on a screen but I felt like i was there, meeting the people and what it's like. The documentary felt like an experience.

It was interesting to also see that people like Oliver Rousteing are so humble, and not mean. We are always told that the fashion industry is filled with mean, un-humble people, but then when you watch such videos you feel a different way.

The British Vogue Youtube channel is so good for videos on industry inside, backstage fun also includes series by Alexa Chung and also interviews and another series such as "Inside the wardrobe" where you get to see the closets of various people such as, Olivia Palermo. Now who wouldn't want to see her closet?

To watch the videos: just head to the British Vogue channel on youtube or click here.

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