Outfit Post: Summer Calling

17 July 2015

So, I went to Scarborough for the day with my boyfriend the other day, as it was a lovely summers day. It was so exciting for me, because I don't remember going there before. It was exciting to experience the sea side in England. I have been to other sea sides in the UK before when i was a lot younger, so I remember what it was like.

We had lots of fun, it was a shame we couldn't sit by the beach, as Marley our little dog was with us. And no pets on the beach. Sad times.

All in all, we did end up playing some games and enjoying the sun and some delicious fish and chips. mmmm... don't judge me, we all love fish and chips.

I went to go with a simple outfit, but i chose to brighten up a little with it being sunny and warm. I went with this zig zag printed blue skater kind of dress, it is quite loosely fitted and amazingly comfy. Basic gold jewellery, nothing fancy. Hair messy and down. With natural-ish makeup. I did also carry a jumper with me, as I knew it might get a little chilly with the breeze later on.

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