Beauty Tip: Running out? Chill out.

30 July 2015

Make up tips

Hey girls,

So these are some quick tips if you are running out. Some of you probably may be aware of these tips, some not. I just thought it would be great to share these with you.

I'm also willing to do a video on this. So if you want that, comment below or give me a quick shout on twitter @misspandya

1. If your contour kit runs out, use a nude eyeshadow palette. You can choose to go with a         natural dark shade of your skin colour for the shadows and matte or slightly shimmered           creams for the highlights.

2. Run out of blusher, use your lipstick! Don't use the dark lipstick but the more blushy ones.     Rub some on your finger and dab it gently on your cheek, and use a brush to blend, blend,     blend.

3. Play around, have some fun. Test things out. I didn't have really dark lipstick with a red         pigment and I really wanted that look, like the lips above. I had this brown lip pencil that I     never used. It was quite dark, so i lined my lips and filled them in completely. (You can         also use a dark brown lipstick if you have one, thus it's up there.) That looked good cause       it was dark, but I wanted that red. so I dabbed one of my darkest deep red lipstick and             blended it with a lip brush, but you can also just use the lipstick with the lip brush.

4. If your favourite mascara is running out, use saline solution. Usually better to go for saline     solution for all lenses as its okay for your eyes, and won't irritate them. Just give your             mascara a few drops, mix with the brush and shake it up. All ready until you get a new           mascara. Oh! you can also use run out mascara if you have dark brows like me as a brow       set. but make sure its not too sticky and more on the dry side.

Hope this helps and Don't forget to follow me on social media, also like, comment and share this post if it helped. If you do want a video tutorial shout me out on Twitter and let me know.

Kisses from Miss Pandya

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