Far Fetch x Royal Ascot

4 June 2015

I was recently contacted by FARFETCH regarding the Royal Ascot dress code, I was asked to share my style at the races and how I would change a few things by creating a different, more unique look for the races.

Far Fetch is a well known online website with the best and latest luxury destination. It like being at Dubai Mall, surrounded by brand names but online. Their services are fast and reliable.

If you are reading this and don't know what The Royal Ascot is, it is a horse racing event connected to Royal Family. Although it is known to have a strict and formal dress code.  It has a massive media frenzy and also records quite a lot of fashion statements, throughout the years.

I feel like the races fashion has evolved in different ways throughout the years, yet I feel that women always have to look very feminine. Fashion in current day has evolved so much and allows us to be feminine yet still look outspoken. My personal feel is that you do not have to wear an etiquette dress and heels and hat to be someone bespoke. I have always believed that bespoke means a person who can carry themselves particularly well.

One of my biggest inspirations is Chanel, and how she brought out clothing for women that wasn't only dresses, she gave women a whole new outlook to fashion. Looks and Ways of dressing that some could not believe and some did not accept. She brought masculinity into the female wardrobe and did a fantastic job of it.


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All above items are listed on www.farfetch.com

Denim has always been in season, and I think everyone owns staple denim pieces. Denim is so good to play around with while styling. It definitely is one of my favourite staples.

In this look i have used a dress, but as seen it is a detail denim dress, it comes to knees, and i have also used the embellished bomber jacket. These particular choices where because, The Royal Ascot is taken quite seriously and is still strict and may always be because the Royal family is a part of it. Thus the dress is the cut off after the knee and the bomber is to cover the arms. 
The Hat is actually and embellished cap, that has the netting and flowers on it and is also a denim cap. I have then again used quite a masculine piece. Coming to the end of the outfit, i chose to pair it with some nude seventies flower pattern cut heels, that are laced up heels, which I love. I'm loving lace up this season. I also paired the outfit with a colour pop purse, which brightens up the outfit more.

With outfits and events like these where fashion have become a major part, I believe everyone should have the right to wear what they are comfortable in and also represent themselves respectably. Especially at a place where a lot of people have been know to bring out new styles and trends. Creating a look with masculine style clothing does not mean you can not dress it up and it sure does not stop you from bringing out your feminine side while wearing it. You barely ever see anything different with styles at the races and the same sort of feminine looks of dresses have been followed and continued. Why don't we spice it up just a little bit more. 

Be different, be you, be a fashion lover, not a follower.

Comment below on your opinions and style inspirations, also would you dare wear this and make a fashion impact at the races?

With Love, Mo.


  1. great work babe - love the styles - i love the Palazzo pants - it says Africa - where did you buy them? Looks like i will have to sew a pair for myself.

  2. Thank you. They are from slipway! But I cut the hem at the bottom of the trousers.


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