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26 April 2013

I’m sure if you shop at S*uce, you have come across the Hafsa Lodi label. 
Her old season was all about the collars, which was fantastic. It was something I had not come across ever. Now to the arabesque theme, called The Bedouin Ballerina! 
The Bedouin Ballerina consists of pastels and also some eye catching embellishments, and what made it arabesque, the arabic covered sleeves.It is just beautifully put together.
I recently got a short interview with the designer herself, Hafsa.

What brought your interest in design?
My grandmother would always be sewing whenever she came to visit, and it looked like fun so I started sewing lessons at the age of 9. 
How did you take up both journalism and design? 
That must have been tough? It is! I launched my label while home from university during one summer, and put all my heart into it, but then had to go back to Toronto. So I’ve only been able to do one collection a year, if at all.
What was your theme and inspiration for your clothing line?
For this collection, classic silhouettes and femininity with a glamorous punk/grunge touch. 
 What was this season about? Materials used?
 Why? It was about using an unconventional text print for simple pieces of clothing. With the vests, it was about giving them crazy embellishments, like how traditional biker vests and jackets are, sometimes with a patch or a few words on the back. I wanted to turn it up a notch, or 10, and fill the back with trendy laces, shapes and icons, as much as possible. It’s like when you’re pouring your thoughts out into your diary, you write big and messy, and leave barely any white space in between. Materials are light cottons, crepe silks and denims for the spring/summer season. 
What are your personal fashion no nos this year?
 Flatforms, sheer tops and plaid. 
What are your favourite fashion pieces this year?
Midi dresses, tutus and knuckle rings

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