Pastels anyone?

13 April 2013

Hey guys, so I'm going to speak about the pastel trends that have been going on, Pastel colours are great to work with and are good additions to your wardrobe, they can be dressed down as well as dressed up in quite a chic way. From jewellery, nail varnish and and clothing.

Pastel coloured nail varnish really looks cute and also as I'm quite tanned skinned, I just want to add that I love pastels on my nails, it look amazing on. I have seen fair skinned people wear pastel nail varnish and it looks good either way, so hey we cant complain..

On to Jewellery, its obvious that with a lot of the trends going on every time we are fully clothed in black, adding a pop of colour makes it look so much nicer.

Have you guys got any pastels in your wardrobe, what are your opinions? Comment below.



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