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So currently we are in spring season, but the weather has just basically been PMS'ing, it like it has mood swings! It can be really difficult to style your self on these days, one day is nice, warm and sunny. The next a boring cloudy day, with tones of cold wind and chills in the air! The last thing you want is to be freezing.

Joggers not jeans

This cold weather sometimes just makes me feel like I should stay in bed, undercover and in my PJs. Comfort is key sometimes, but you don't have to be afraid that you may look a bit boyish or not put together.

Microchipped Accesories? Ferragamo.

When it comes to counterfeits, Luxury Labels take no step back in doing their best to stop it. We have heard that from pretty much all of the luxury market. Ferragamo have taken matters in their own hands and it seems they are going to push away counterfeit by using microchips. Which they say will stop fraudsters and will also help resale value.


Wearable technology is coming in storm, while we are still new to the concept and its not reached the norm. We have come across the questions about how technology will be incorporated in the fashion industry. We have already started wearing smart watches and with luxury watch brands such as HUBLOT starting to produce smart watches, we are starting somewhere.  Cue the new brand Emel + Aris, which has already started the trend. 

ASOS Bridal

Within the past few days of ASOS announcing its bridal collection line,  It seems brands have seen the a lack in market when it comes to affordable bridal fashion.

ASOS Bridal just had its launch on the e-commerce site on Monday the 7th and It looks like there is something for everyone.